Merrill Farms Headquarters

Salinas, CA

The design for the new Merrill Farms headquarters facility in Salinas enables two distinct yet complementary companies to operate under one roof: Merrill Farms and its affiliate Frisco Farms.

The structure suits its agricultural setting: the exposed heavy timber construction of the building's breezeway was incorporated to evoke the feeling of a farmhouse porch while enhancing the public entry to the building. The extended eaves and bracketed dormers help bring a residential scale to an otherwise large-scale commercial building. The stone accents, along with the standing seam metal roof lines, further define the new ranch style.

WR&D's Commercial Interior Design team created a distinct look and feel for each company: a richer palette for the more established Merrill Farms, and a lighter, contemporary color scheme and design for young and growing Frisco Farms.

Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects, LLP