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611 Abbott Street Medical Facility

Salinas, CA

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System asked Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects to design this two-story medical office building with a roof garden for construction on a limited site.

The project incorporates the use of Bio Swales, stormwater treatment systems, sediment filters, and grease interceptors to control debris from parking lots.

It also features a state-of-the-art clinical simulation lab. "Simulation has been used for many years in aviation, the military and in medicine," says Rachel Failano, RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Educator, Clinical Simulation/Skills Lab Coordinator, "but it is new territory for nursing, and in a non-teaching hospital setting in particular. It adds an entirely new dimension to learning. We can create specific patient care environments and scenarios using high-fidelity, human simulators, rather than patients, to learn the most effective and safest ways to respond in situations."

The simulation lab is comprised of a control room, two simulation areas and de-briefing rooms. Cameras capture and record audio and video from multiple views. Once the simulation is complete, participants review the recordings and identify areas for improvement.

Wald, Ruhnke & Dost Architects, LLP